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Do your own “cartel luminoso” (signboards, placard?? I don’t know how to say that in english, sorry) with LEDs strips!!!
I made a full alphabet for you!! So you can print the words you want, put inside the LED strip and It will be already to use!!

I made “EL NARDO” for my xaranga, ( a kind of music band here in spain), It’s 0,75 metres long, with RGB LEDs strips.
We went to play in a band contest, and I proposed to make something cool with my 3D printer, something new, something anybody has, but the “boss” said no, but I thought it will be a good idea, so I made it and I give it to my xaranga as a surprise!!
All of them were in shock when they saw it few minutes before our turn to play !! And now we use it in every gig!!!!!!!

People use to take photos with it when we are playing, and anyone believe my when I say I made it with a 3D printer!!!!!

aaaah!! I’m the tuba, you can see me playing in front of my creation!!! :D:D

Now I made another as a present for a friend of mine, he plays the clarinet in the video, when he saw the nardo’s placard he ask me If I can do it bigger for his company and of course I can!!! 2m LONG!!!!!
This year, during the town’s festivities, he is going to be the captain of his company: LLAURADORS, ( villajoiosa, Spain), and this is his present for them!!

The premiere is tomorrow (24/07/2015), I will take photos and videos!! I’m very nervious, because I don’t know what the reaction of the people will be!!

* The font of LLAURADORS is different because it is like the logo of the company, but it’s the same design for the bottom and top side than the alphabet I uploaded

it was a success!!!!! The people of the LLAURADORS company love it!!
this is the moment when they saw it!
*I’m the guy with the blue t-shirt, I was playing with my xaranga, El Nardo, in other company, i went to see the result of my job

Printing Instructions
– Download the zip files, STL or SLDPRT,

– Choose the letters you need (without misspellings)

– Print the top and the bottom of every letter
* you can print everything with transparent filament, like EL NARDO or print the bottom in the colour you want and the top in transparent or natural filament like LLAURADORS

– Put the led strip in the bottom side, the holes is for the wires, to connect the letters

– close the letter with the top side, use super glue

* I only made the holes for the wires, I don’t made any hole to fix it, because it depends where and how you want to use it,
because of that, I upload the sldprt files ( Solidworks), so you can edit it!!

* tip: for ” LLAURADORS” I made the holes to fix it in a L profile, using M8 screw, I put the nut into the bottom side using the soldering iron.
And the distance between holes is 25mm, so i put every hole in the letter at 25, 50 ,75…

the size of the screw, and the way to fix it depend on you, even you can use superglue to fix it

Also you need:

– LED stripe
– wires
– Soldering iron
– super glue

Printing Stats
A_bottom.STL Time: 19h 5m 25s Filament used: 18.6857m
A_top.STL Time: 5h 25m 8s Filament used: 4.35154m
full_alphabet_STL.zip Time: null null Filament used: null
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