Cylindrical rod/tube cutting jig, mounted on 2040 extrusions by hyperair

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I needed a jig to cut my aluminium rods to size before affixing rod-ends to them for my custom deltabot, so I made these. They were made in a hurry, so it’s not perfectly parametric, but should be pretty easy to customize.
Printing Instructions
1. Print both pieces and affix onto 2040 extrusions with M5 screws loosely.
2. Stick the rod all the way in to align the pieces
3. Tighten the M5 screws
4. Use an M3 screw and nut to tighten the clamp on the cutting jig to hold the rod firmly in place while you cut.
5. Saw down the groove in the middle. Try to cut as straight as possible or you’ll cut into the plastic, which ruins the jig.
Printing Stats
end-jig.stl Time: 0h 46m 17s Filament used: 0.649261m
cutting-jig.stl Time: 1h 47m 53s Filament used: 1.32803m
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