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We’ve had a Dyson DC14 vacuum for several years, and after being banged around, the little tab at the bottom cord wrap broke off, making it almost impossible to wrap the cord fully.

This fix prints out in two pieces.
1) Ring to go around the vacuum hose
2) Bracket that gives a nice long tab to wrap a cord.

Once I fit the pieces together, I used a Q-tip to apply some acetone to the joints to “glue” it together. So far, so good!

If it breaks again, I may redesign the bracket to be in two pieces that fit together. For now, when the cord is unwrapped, the bracket flops around a bit. But the moment a cord is wrapped around it, it fits in snugly.

I printed mine on a Solidoodle 2, 0.3mm in ABS with no supports. followed up with an acetone vapor bath. I’ll try to get a picture to upload soon.

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bracket__repaired_.stl Time: 0h 31m 11s Filament used: 0.434635m
ring.stl Time: 0h 35m 49s Filament used: 0.537988m
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