Three Sided Die by motormo

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Basic 3-sided die made in SolidWorks with an elliptical shape.
Printing Instructions
Here are the settings I used for printing on a MakerBot Rep 2, but feel free to change them if you want to:

Infill: 90% (for weight, so that it rolls better)
Shells: 2
Layer height: 0.15mm
Extruder temp: 230 C
Speed: 40 mm/s
Make sure one of the sides is lying flat on the build plate!

Printing Stats
3_sided_die.STL Time: 0h 26m 41s Filament used: 0.398563m
3_sided_die_no_numbers.STL Time: 0h 25m 22s Filament used: 0.394085m
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