Space Invader Christmas Tree Ornaments by CyberNY

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I made a set of Space Invader Christmas Tree Ornaments to send out as holiday cards to our clients at Cyber-NY. We had fun with all the colors and now they’re hanging all over the office and are a favorite with my kids. Quick to print.
Printing Instructions
Print in fun colors (mix it up). I was printing four-up with different bright neon colors for each. Then add a wire ornament hook to the hole and hang on your tree, on gift packaging or whatever.
Printing Stats
AlienSquid-4.stl Time: 0h 34m 28s Filament used: 0.472684m
SpaceShip-Ornament-Final.stl Time: 0h 26m 24s Filament used: 0.37584m
Space-Invader-Ornament.stl Time: 1h 5m 9s Filament used: 0.943664m
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