Make #23 – Stargazy Tree Topper by faberdasher

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Our Stargazy Tree Topper was inspired by [Tom Bawcock’s Eve](, the festival held each year on the 23rd of December in the beautiful Cornish village of Mousehole. It commemorates the brave fisherman who saved the village from starvation just before Christmas. We love the magic of this story and the name of the pie eaten during celebrations. We just couldn’?t resist making it part of our collection!

Faberdashery are releasing daily, seasonal designs for you to print and enjoy. Join in the fun with our [25 Days of Making](! This is Make #23 of 25.

Printing Instructions
Slice with 2 shells (/perimeters) and 1% infill. At coarse resolution (0.3mm), you will find prints have extra shimmer (and print quicker!).
Created in stunning Faberdashery Galaxy Blue PLA[^](

The tree topper requires ~12g of material (~2m of 3mm / ~4m of 1.75mm filament) and the hanging version ~4g of material (~1m of 3mm / ~2m of 1.75mm filament).

Print the Stargazy Tree Topper to finish off your tree, or the hanging version as a magical ornament.

Printing Stats
Make23-Stargazy_Treetopper_top.stl Time: 1h 17m 24s Filament used: 0.96494m
Make23-Stargazy_Treetopper_hanging.stl Time: 0h 53m 37s Filament used: 0.558124m
Make23-Stargazy_Treetopper_base.stl Time: 1h 7m 54s Filament used: 0.761881m
Make23-Stargazy_Treetopper.stl Time: 2h 25m 11s Filament used: 1.7053m
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