Parametric Curtain Rod Holder by FMMT666

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A simple and parametric curtain rod holder.

The holder is currently being evaluated in one of the children’s rooms.
If it fails, I will blame it on them 😛

Printing Instructions
Do NOT print any the provided STL files, these are only examples.
Create your own!

The OpenSCAD source file contains descriptions for every
single variable and should (TM) be self-explanatory.

The special variable PRINTPART, somewhere around line 70
allows you to switch from edit to print or test-mode.

// ============================================
// 1 = EDIT -> use this to edit/tune the holder
// 2 = TEST PRINT -> very small print to check clamp dia.
// 3 = REAL PRINT -> use this to export the STL model

If PRINTPART is set to “2”, only the (half of a) rod clamp will be generated. This might come in handy to manually tune the clamp diameter to fit the rod.

Be careful with angles > ~70 degrees:

– the holder might not be strong enough
– by design, the thickness of the top part may vary

Printing Stats
EXAMPLE1.stl Time: 1h 38m 24s Filament used: 1.37778m
EXAMPLE2.stl Time: 9h 7m 24s Filament used: 9.17104m
EXAMPLE3.stl Time: 7h 47m 11s Filament used: 8.1586m
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