Tight-Snap Q-Tip Holder for purse by HunterGreen

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Though the Q-Tip holder I made from walter’s customized bayonet container works all right, it doesn’t really hold closed in a purse, the best it can do is in a desk drawer. So I designed my own from the ground up with a tight snap-closed fit similar to my sunglass case design.
Printing Instructions
Should be printable without supports thanks to angled, beveled edges on the groove/notch. I had to file the top a bit to make it so it would fit (even then, it’ll be tight at first and loosen with use).

If you print one, please post an I Made One picture.

Printing Stats
Q-Tip_Holder_Lid.stl Time: 1h 27m 55s Filament used: 1.13349m
Q-Tip_Holder_Base.stl Time: 6h 52m 19s Filament used: 4.48731m
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