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I have made these blocks for my niece and nephew and they loved them. They use 10 mm x 1 mm rare earth magnets that are
super glued to the plastic. The pieces shown in the picture have a smaller magnet but I found the larger magnet holds better.

Please note: Although the superglue holds very well, rare earth magnets are still dangerous around little kids.

Printing Instructions
Print out the desired shape and use super glue to glue the magnets onto the plastic blocks. The super glue holds very well even when the blocks are thrown on the ground.
Magnet size used: 10 mm x 1 mm rare earth magnets.
Printing Stats
blocks_10mm_Triangle.stl Time: 1h 59m 25s Filament used: 2.06033m
blocks_10mm_Square.stl Time: 3h 38m 17s Filament used: 4.04634m
blocks_10mm_All.stl Time: 11h 53m 5s Filament used: 12.5513m
blocks_10mm_Cylinder.stl Time: 1h 53m 29s Filament used: 1.96952m
blocks_10mm_Rectangle.stl Time: 4h 5m 34s Filament used: 4.41857m
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