Vertical Stand for MacbookPro 15″ non-retina with monogram by nicolasg

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I wanted to make a vertical stand for a macbook pro 15″ but wanted to make it the double stand way, instead of a single one in the middle to prevent tipping over.
Also wanted to customize it a bit for the user.

The original code comes from

– Shrunk down to thin version so that 2 stands support a single laptop
– Adjusted measurements for 15″ macbook pro, non retina
– Extended the height at which the laptop rests so that the power cord that goes down toward the table does not cringe
– Added text monogram on the side

Printing Instructions
Printed with PLA on a K8200/3DRag.
Print standing up, NOT sideways.
Printing Stats
macbook_pro_15_non-retina_holder.stl Time: 0h 36m 8s Filament used: 0.460353m
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