GoPro Hero flat fast attach mount for screwing V 1.1. – Ideal for Mendel Max by ForReason

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This mount allows you to screw your GoPro to almost any flat surface!

If you want any customizations or even new desings feel free to contact me.

v1.0: Thing Created
v1.1: first time printed. Functionality is approved but it still needs some stability testing
v 1.2: printed with fullfill: stability perfect; functionality perfect.
v 1.3: added a standing version of the thing. may cause huge stabilityimprovements. will test that soon

Printing Instructions
Just print this with solid infill and enjoy your gopro hanging around where ever you want!

the only thing you need to do that is a GoPro Camera, two screws and a screwdriver!

Printing Stats
GoPro_Flat_Mount_with_screws.stl Time: 0h 11m 0s Filament used: 0.173234m
Flat_Mount_with_screws_standing.stl Time: 0h 41m 52s Filament used: 0.54248m
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