Camera Helmet Mount for Sony Action Cam – Sew On by Tig29

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This is for mounting the Sony HDR-AS10 or AS15 on the side of a ski / boarding helmet.

It is a modified version of the excellent Camera Helmet Mount for Sony Action Cam by John Ridley

The modifications to create this version:
-resizing and positioning of the mounting holes to allow sewing onto the helmet ear flap
-inclusion of an asymetric wedge on the side of the bracket to allow the camera to be tilted outwards and upwards (tiltout and tiltup in scad)
-inclusion of some pads to increase ABS bed adhesion.

The stl includes 6mm of tiltout and 6mm of tiltup, not quite right for my setup.

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waterproof_case_head_mount_sew_on_left.stl Time: 3h 33m 41s Filament used: 3.16044m
knob.stl Time: 0h 34m 12s Filament used: 0.530802m
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