GoPro Hero 3 Black Variable ND Hood 55mm by vintik

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**NEW VERSION** (simplified and better!)
Smooth the nasty rolling shutter and jittery image of the Gopro by using this hood and Variable ND. Made for a filter size of 37mm the hood will push fit onto the GoPro waterproof case while the ND sits just in front. Easy access to twist the ND to your favoured ND stop.
Printing Instructions
Made for a 55mm filter, however the OD of the actual filter body is bigger. To be precise it’s 63.38mm. The filter it was designed for was a Hama ND2-400 55mm. Found here:
The filter holder simply push fits onto the waterproof lens using the seam to snap engage. The filter then push fits into the main aperture. It was designed for arial shots onboard a Phantom.
Printing Stats
GoPro_ND_v02_11.stl Time: 1h 5m 56s Filament used: 0.792573m
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