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Updated Description: This is a scale model of the Gateway arch in St. Louis Mo. The .stl is at a scale of 1 millimeter equals 1 foot. The .thing file is scaled down from there to fit on my printer. I found a description of the mathematics of the design and used that to replicate the structure. I do all of my design work in Mathematica so the formulas came in handy. The cross sections of the arch are equilateral triangles that vary in a linear fashion with the altitude of the centroid from 54 foot on an edge to 17 feet. The centroids of these triangles are on a weighted centenary curve so that the total height is equal to the the total width.

The first version is just the arch on a base. On the second version I modified the base to look like the entryways to the visitors center that is under the ground beneath the arch. Also, the elliptical patches of grass on the surface are not to scale (as the grass is not actually 5 feet tall).

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ArchWithBase.stl Time: 139h 6m 32s Filament used: 125.489m
ArchWithBase2.stl Time: 154h 37m 18s Filament used: 145.408m
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