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Helping my daughter build a DNA model for school out of wire and beads, I realized that this was an ideal object for a set of standardized interlocking parts. This construction set strives for biological accuracy and educational value.

– approximately 65,000,000 : 1 scale
– 10.5 base pairs per twist
– reversible bonds along the spine
– interlocking hydrogen bonds
– major and minor grooves
– representations of carbon and phosphate rings

Printing Instructions
Each base pair consists of 2 backbone pieces and 2 matching bases. For the pictured model I printed 8 of each base and 32 backbone segments. Ideally you’d print each base in a different color. I printed them all with white ABS and tinted them with Rit dye (about 30 minutes in a solution of 3 parts hot water, 1 part acetone).

The model is under stress when built, so the backbone pieces should be glued to each base. To stabilize the hydrogen bonds I wrapped them with cellophane tape. The tower needs to be stabilized, for which I cut short lengths of acrylic doweling.

Printing Stats
thymine.STL Time: 0h 16m 44s Filament used: 0.244465m
guanine.STL Time: 0h 26m 52s Filament used: 0.389881m
backbone.STL Time: 0h 11m 16s Filament used: 0.0672122m
cytosine.STL Time: 0h 18m 51s Filament used: 0.272753m
disc_seg_x1.STL Time: 0h 0m 0s Filament used: 0m
AT.STL Time: 0h 40m 44s Filament used: 0.579666m
backbone_x2.STL Time: 0h 20m 24s Filament used: 0.132055m
disc_seg_x2.STL Time: 0h 18m 30s Filament used: 0.236701m
adenine.STL Time: 0h 23m 45s Filament used: 0.352978m
GC.STL Time: 0h 45m 37s Filament used: 0.63856m
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