CAM-Source 3D: Encapsulated Double Helix by Polynomial

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This is something we’re in the process of test printing right now. It’s a negative/ hollowed out double Helix, encapsulated within a cylinder which is intended to be printed in a clear resin on our SLA which must be high polished to a glass-like surface to show the double helix inside. Our first test was too small of a scale and the double helix barely showed up after the exterior of the cylinder was sanded and polished to clear, so I doubled the scale to the files which are posted on here. I’ll post pictures once we get our next successful test prints of the parts and polished up.
Printing Instructions
AutoDesk 123D Design.
Printing Stats
encapsulated_double_helix_base.stl Time: 1h 26m 36s Filament used: 1.2962m
encapsulated_double_helix__fixed_.stl Time: 4h 26m 51s Filament used: 3.8833m
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