Customizable Embossing Stamp by someandy

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Use your own image to make an embossing stamp.

– prints fully assembled
– placement guide lines on the cover
– rad old-school flip phone styling

Printing Instructions
Open in Customizer, upload an image and check the Invert Colors box.

The Smile and Flower STLs were generated with a 1.5mm emboss height and sliced in Makerware with 0.2mm layers, 20% infill, and 3 shells.

For the colored layers, I used the z-pause feature on my printer and switched filament at 4mm.

Printing Stats
smile_stamp.stl Time: 3h 54m 34s Filament used: 3.38618m
flower_stamp.stl Time: 3h 59m 22s Filament used: 3.41038m
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