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I’m proud to introduce what is perhaps the most sophisticated and stylish fashion accessory ever produced by humanity — the *Skewered Trilobite Hair Clip*. It goes equally well with a wedding gown, a Princess Leia costume, or even as an accessory in your act as a hair metal band, because trilobites are timeless and noble (not to mention “something old”). It’s the perfect hair accessory to keep your buns aligned.

I know many of you will ask, “Why skewer this poor little creature?” The answer is simple if you’ve ever tried them grilled with rum butter glaze. Now you can go from refined and chic to laid-back and slaked when you reach back to dramatically produce this extinct marine anthropod from your bushy locks — just in time for desert.

Please post photos of this being worn at fancy galas and receptions — in particular those hosted by heads of state, movie stars, and famous paleontologists.

*Breaking news*: Also great on bushy beards! And please be careful — this is high fashion, and thus with it comes a great deal of peril and responsibility.

Features of This Variation
This thing takes AuntDaisy’s exceptional Trilobite articulatum, and modifies it in a number of ways:

* Simplified for fewer polygons and quicker processing
* Resized to 60% — a size that works well for me at 0.2mm layer height
* Support material added for head pins and tail
* Pads added at potential problem areas, where prints might tend to peel up. They also join most of the parts together so they can more easily be removed. These can easily be cleaned up with a clipper.
* Holes are added to the head and tail for a 3mm skewer. I’ve included no-holes versions as well.
* It’s plated in a couple of different ways for convenience.
* Output is fixed in netfabb

This is a great demo print, too.

Printing Instructions
Print at 0.2mm layer height — the pads are 0.2mm high. Clip off the support material from the head pins, and the pads that join the parts together, and assemble. Stick it in your hair, skewer it, and be careful that the person behind you doesn’t start eating it off your head. You can remove some of the ribs if you need it shorter.
Printing Stats
Trilobite_head-tail-holes.stl Time: 0h 38m 58s Filament used: 0.474849m
Trilobite_head-tail-noholes.stl Time: 0h 38m 7s Filament used: 0.477261m
Trilobite_head-tail-body-noholes.stl Time: 1h 53m 18s Filament used: 1.19705m
Trilobite_body.stl Time: 1h 16m 34s Filament used: 0.773503m
Trilobite_head-tail-body-holes.stl Time: 1h 54m 10s Filament used: 1.19432m
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