Bocam or Lumenier Side Mount Plate by staticbunny

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A little pouch that fits a Boscam or Lumenier 600mW transmitter. I printed it for my Blackout Quad but it should also fit the ZMR250 as well. It should fit over standard nylon 6mm posts. Print in flexible filament so it grips into the posts.

I realized later that my previous model only fit the Lumenier 600mw so I updated my models and created ones for Boscam 600 as well at the Immersionrc 600mW. I also made some modifications to strengthen the part that holds the transmitter, as well as a universal mount that you can strap any vtx onto.

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VTX_Side_Panel_Mounts.stl Time: 4h 40m 12s Filament used: 2.97333m
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