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This was my first experiment with making a gearbox for a hobby motor with a 1.5mm shaft. It worked surprisingly well, though not perfect by any means. It seems like spacing needs to be a little tighter in some areas, and the structure needs to be reinforced for stability.

You can affix the gears by sliding a straightened paperclip through the mounting holes. They happen to be 1.5mm, same as the motor shaft diameter which made the holes nice and consistent.

There still isn’t a fixture for extending the final gear to a wheel

The gear ratio winds up being 1 to 125, which is still pretty fast but vastly improves the torque on small motors so they will actually push a light amount of weight. I still have yet to test it with an Arduino Uno, but my goal is to use two of these motors with gearboxes to push one of those around. It will be part of a light-following robot that I’m going to have people build as part of an Arduino class at Port City Makerspace.

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