Tolerance check for M4 nut and embossing M4 bolt by Siemen

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Smallest outside measurement for the nut goes from 7mm to 7,5mm in steps of 0,1 mm.
Diameter for thread goes from 3,85mm to 4,45mm in steps of 0,1mm.
Diameter for embossing goes from 7,4mm to 8mm in steps of 0,1mm.

I found for the replicator 2X that
– 7,5 works best for the nut.
– 4,45 is still not enough for thread
– 8 is good for embossing but deeper is still possible

Printing Instructions
Made on Makerbot Replicator 2X in Fablab Genk
Printing Stats
Test_bouten_en_moeren_M4.STL Time: 2h 39m 11s Filament used: 2.01606m
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