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These font test cards are to investigate which fonts and font sizes are best for extrusion on 3D models. The Arial card is actually Arial Rounded MT Bold. The card with multiple fonts is standardized at 7mm height. Criteria for recommending 3D printer safe fonts; Can the text be read? Do all characters slice properly when at the same scale? Are there any printing artifacts caused by certain characteristics of the font? Can individual character be recognized by touch? Is the font open source or readily available?
Printing Instructions
The Thingiverse community is invited to share examples of the Font Test Cards on various printer models. Please post in the comments which fonts you prefer for extrusion and why. The font card has common “web safe” fonts as a starting point for this investigation.

The photo with different Arial Rounded MT Bold heights was printed on a Printrbot Jr with natural PLA. Top of text was painted for photographing.
0.2 mm Layer Height
2 perimeters
30% infill
30 mm/s perimeters
60 mm/s infill

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Printing Stats
FontTest2NF.stl Time: 0h 44m 30s Filament used: 0.672869m
FontTest1NF.stl Time: 0h 46m 44s Filament used: 0.694074m
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