two layers, X and Y oriented, filament saver, bed leveling thing by toquidam

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This work is based on from woodsmoke.
I used to use it for fine bed leveling calibration but it had two things missing for me, so here is a redesigned version of the same concept with, in addition and for our pleasure :
– Two layers thick. Just to make sure the first layer is indeed a bit squeezed and the second not, and layer alignment is fine.
– X and Y orientation, just to make sure you don’t have (as I had) an X or Y mirroring problem.
Have fun !

Printing Instructions
Start printing with a 3 loop skirt and fine tune your bed leveling while it prints. The first layer should be lightly squeezed on the bed for better adhesion.
Printing Stats
calibration_plate.stl Time: 2h 27m 58s Filament used: 2.28445m
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