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This is a mount for printing in PLA with an E3D hotend on the Rostock Max by SeeMeCNC. Initial results are very good for printing in PLA with the 2 50x50x10mm fan setup; haven’t tried the 2 40x40mm but it looks to provide similar airflow and should be easier to print than the 2×50.
Printing Instructions
Both of the versions require a groove mount to secure the top of the E3D to the top of the effector plate. Any system should work, provided the bottom of the groove is aligned with the top of the effector plate. These shrouds eliminate the provided shroud from E3D and have the screw holes to utilize and mount the fan provided (30x30mm) to cool the transition zone of the hotend. The E3DHotEndPLA.stl is setup to use 2 40x40mm fans, whereas the E3DHotEndPLA250.stl is setup to use 2 50x50x10mm fans (It will barely clearance with 10 mm fans so do not use 50x50x15 mm fans).

Print off one of these shrouds, insert the 3 aluminum risers provided in the original SeeMeCNC kit, install the fans to the shroud, mount to effector plate and wire connections, and provide feedback on the effectiveness of the design! Thanks!

Printing Stats
E3DHotEndPLA250.stl Time: 5h 24m 0s Filament used: 3.17286m
E3DHotEndPLA.stl Time: 4h 47m 20s Filament used: 3.14446m
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