Power Supply Mounting for the Replicator, revisited by garyacrowellsr

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This Thing is a simple drilling guide to aid in mounting a common 24V, 360W switching power supply beneath the build chamber of a Replicator or similar printer. This would replace the external brick power supply

Besides the drill hole locations, the guide includes the ‘extents’ of the power supply to aid in placement, and it can be used as standoffs so that the vent holes on the supply won’t be blocked by the mounting surface.

A second guide is included for a 60W power supply. This is a 12V supply for some fans and other accessories I plan to add.

This is a rework of the earlier thing in that it adds the extents and the second guide.

EDIT, 3/1/15: added drill and marking guide for popular power entry/switch/fuse module.

Printing Instructions
Printed in ABS at 0.2mm, 25% infill. The width and thickness of the frame that I used are probably overkill; they can be reduced in the OpenSCAD files.

The 360W power supply mounts with 4mm screws, the 60W with 3mm screws. Ensure that the ends of the screws that penetrate the power supplies do not extend more than 3.5mm into the case. Adjust the screw lengths, standoffs, and washers to achieve this.

The ‘extent’ frames are just to aid in initial positioning as shown in the picture. They may be broken off after the holes are marked. The smaller power supply doesn’t need standoffs, so the entire guide can be disposed of after marking. Printing the larger extent frame is a pretty good bed leveling test, but it doesn’t have to be perfect.

The picture shows the frames taped in place, prior to marking/drilling. The 60W supply provides 12V for some other devices that I intend to add to the printer. The box in the upper right corner is a front-panel mounted thermostat, that is controlling a small AC heater placed in the build chamber. A switched, fused IEC AC input module will be mounted in the upper left corner.

Edit on 3/1/15: I’ve added a drill and marking guide for a popular power entry/switch/fuse module. I’ll use this to mark and mount the switch on the back panel near the new power supply screw terminals. As with the other guides, it includes a square frame to make it easier to square up the (non-square) module. I’ll also be adding a 3-terminal barrier strip to distribute the AC securely. I’ll add pics and a diagram of the wiring when I get that done. The switch is a pretty easy to find on ebay; search: “iec power entry module fuse switch” and it should come right up. Inexpensive, but seems sturdy enough.

Printing Stats
ps_standoffs_extent.stl Time: 2h 25m 53s Filament used: 1.9921m
small_ps_drillguide.stl Time: 0h 43m 45s Filament used: 0.672786m
p_sw_drill_guide.stl Time: 0h 17m 1s Filament used: 0.288553m
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