Kossel Mini Acrylic Enclosure Mounts by seravi

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Simple mounts to add acrylic sides to your Kossel Mini to keep drafts out. Not a total enclosure. Still in test but preliminary results show a decrease in warping when printing with a heated print bed.
Printing Instructions
Printed out with PLA .3 layer height 3 perimeters, but the part is so simple I bet most settings would work. I happened to have 3 300 x 540 x 2mm acrylic sheet scraps (I needed 4), so I thought this might be a better use. The mounts are secured to the frame using M3 8mm screws. There are holes on the top and bottom for M3 6mm screws if you want to use friction to hold the acrylic in place, but be warned that it will scuff and scratch the acrylic. I keep the panels loose because I am still working on this printer and need to get inside often.

I printed them on the side to maximize strength. The rectangular boxes are to support more weight, so I suppose you could use something heavy like glass, but I really didn’t test it.

Printing Stats
acrylic_enclosure_mount_kossel_mini_experimental_v1.stl Time: 5h 10m 47s Filament used: 3.88568m
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