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When I upgraded my PrintrBot Simple Metal Silver with a hotbed it caught on fire! YIKES! So I moved my PrintrBoard out from under the hotbed to reduce the resistance in the power cable caused by increased heat which caused the fire by creating an increasing cycle of heat and resistance. Well having a PrintrBoard just sitting on my desk was not safe either, plus it presented a couple of opportunities to make an enclosure for my Printrboard, include a cooling fan and also cool and enclose my Raspberry Pi that I use as a slave for my PrintrBot using AstroPi from AstroBox.

I have a Rev.D Printrboard (works with Rev.F6 w/ micro USB) and a Raspberry Pi 2 or 3, so the files are specific to these hardware. I also included versions without logos, as well as the logo files in AutoCAD format. If you do make modifications, please post pictures of your ReMix, it is always fun to see other peoples customization of a design.

Some files include insets for nuts. I based all of the hardware on 3mm bolts and nuts except for the Raspberry Pi 2 mounts which are 2.5mm. If a nut inset is not present it is because I usually use a tap for those holes as ABS and PLA both tap very well.

It is worth noting that to use this enclosure as I have designed it I am drilling a 19mm (~3/4 inch) hole in the side of my PrintrBot Simple Metal Silver for access to the cables. After you print your parts they can be used to mark the hole placement right where you would like it to be mounted.

Printing the enclosure will require printing support material. In my experience I have liked the freeware MatterControl for their support material feature Support Everywhere which allows support material to be started within the part and not originate from the print bed. For those of you lucky enough to have the paid for software Simplify3D, this feature is also available.


***UPDATED 11/06/2017***
Added STEP (.stp) files for anyone who would like to modify this design. STEP files open in a variety of different CAD packages including AutoDesk’s ***FREE*** [Fusion 360]( “Fusion360”).

Printing Instructions
Read the description for any details related to assembling or building this Thing.

You don’t have to print all the parts! Just use the ones you want, some are variations of the same part. Some are just logos for fun.

Printing Stats
BoxBottom.stl Time: 5h 13m 11s Filament used: 4.28109m
BoxBottomNut.stl Time: 5h 23m 34s Filament used: 4.36647m
Top80mmFanNut.stl Time: 2h 11m 30s Filament used: 1.81566m
Top35mmFan.stl Time: 3h 33m 28s Filament used: 3.03476m
RPiBoxLogo.stl Time: 5h 8m 47s Filament used: 3.95582m
Top80mmFan.stl Time: 2h 7m 54s Filament used: 1.78048m
RevDBox.stl Time: 11h 10m 27s Filament used: 8.27556m
RPiBox.stl Time: 5h 4m 6s Filament used: 3.94088m
VentCover.stl Time: 1h 8m 23s Filament used: 0.832326m
RevDBoxLogos.stl Time: 11h 16m 13s Filament used: 8.33957m
RevDBottomNoMounts.stl Time: 4h 34m 27s Filament used: 3.86549m
RevDBottomNoMountsNut.stl Time: 4h 36m 35s Filament used: 3.86596m
RevDBoxLogosNoMounts.stl Time: 10h 41m 8s Filament used: 7.94741m
RevDBoxNoMounts.stl Time: 10h 31m 55s Filament used: 7.88388m
RPiBoxBottomNut.stl Time: 4h 46m 23s Filament used: 3.9774m
RPiBoxBottom.stl Time: 4h 44m 57s Filament used: 3.98214m
RevDBoxVaultDoorVent.stl Time: 11h 41m 57s Filament used: 8.60779m
VaultVentCover.stl Time: 1h 6m 30s Filament used: 0.837461m
80mmVaultDoorCover.stl Time: 5h 4m 6s Filament used: 4.10542m
101Badge.stl Time: 0h 13m 8s Filament used: 0.191605m
Small101Badge.stl Time: 0h 5m 10s Filament used: 0.0783137m
VaultDoorVentCover.stl Time: 1h 45m 24s Filament used: 1.23981m
VaultShell.stl Time: 1h 19m 4s Filament used: 0.952012m
80mmVaultDoorCoverShell.stl Time: 4h 1m 35s Filament used: 3.20271m
80mmVault111DoorCoverShell.stl Time: 4h 2m 2s Filament used: 3.20133m
111Badge.stl Time: 0h 12m 27s Filament used: 0.182235m
Small111Badge.stl Time: 0h 4m 37s Filament used: 0.071831m
Vault111Shell.stl Time: 1h 20m 3s Filament used: 0.952534m
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