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Filament guide for top of Mendel based printers.

This guide clips onto the (2) 8mm rods running across the top of Mendel based printers. It keeps your filament centered over the printer and keeps it from rubbing on the threaded rods and shaving itself over your build area..

Printing Instructions
Tested at:
.25mm Layer Height
100% Rectilinear Infill @ 45* (Combine every 3 layers)
6 Layers of raft
Rectilinear Support w/ 2.5mm spacing

Dimensions: 80 x 72 x 23.4
1+ Hr Print Time
1.7m of 3mm filament (2.3m with support)

Printing Stats
Filament_Guide.stl Time: 2h 10m 19s Filament used: 1.47318m
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