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Lever replacement for the EZ3D Phoenix printer. Many thanks to Vandarin who created the original lever replacement and, of course, to EZ3D. Due to a design change there is now an indented circular area behind the wheel. I have also extended the arm holding the wheel knob to make it less likely to break. This was created because my resin original version had a tilted knob holding the wheel bearing which kept filament from being fed properly. This fixed that. IMPORTANT: SEE INSTRUCTIONS!
Printing Instructions
I feel it is very important to read these instructions thoroughly. Examine this part from all angles as the design may have changed again; I want to be sure the lever works for *your* design. I myself printed this at medium resolution solid using Slick3r with supports, no raft. Because of the new circular indent you will also need supports unless you are using a non-extruding type 3D printer. I had no problem using a flathead screwdriver to scrape away the supports – you’ll need to scrape away the spring indention as well. You will need to sand down the knob that holds the wheel – the fit should be very snug and not loose at all. You also may need to sand down the plastic around where the wheel will be – enough to be sure the wheel turns freely. The holes for the screws and filament need to be poked a few times to be sure anything can enter them without trouble and they are free of debris. I used small screwdrivers to do this. My printer is not enclosed and so warps the ends of my prints a bit. I included a version with weights that prevents this warping. When finished, simply clip off these weights and the arms leading to the lever (you’ll enjoy the memories of working with model cars). If you don’t have a problem with your prints doing this, you may use the non-weight version instead. I have found that the 3D Lever extender that I uploaded earlier is not needed as there is now enough tension with this design – unless your spring has sprung, and in that case it may be time to get a new spring.
Printing Stats
leverversion2withweights.stl Time: 1h 32m 21s Filament used: 1.24946m
leverversion2noweights.stl Time: 1h 9m 34s Filament used: 0.959169m
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