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***This is still a work in progress***

UPDATE_same: Uploaded the fixed version of the bowden extruder. I’ll be using 2 of these until I get the redesign finished.

UPDATE_010615.12:48am: So my first test run was a failure. Due to the issues I’m having with my extruder, I am unable to print out a part strong enough. I cannot say whether it will work for you or not.

I’ve uploaded a file that contains 2 bowden mounting plates, so that this can easily be a dual bowden assembly. I’ve also uploaded version 2 of the x carriage. I realized the cylindrical posts I was using are unnecessary, so they have been removed. Anchor points for the belt have been made smaller and stronger, and high stress areas have been strengthened.

I will be redesigning the hybrid assembly which will require fewer parts, will provide stronger parts, and perform better overall.

I will be working on this over the next few days. I will update soon.


UPDATE_010415.12:46am: I’ve fixed the measurements and now the gear sits perfectly positioned over the hole for the hotend, including the PTFE tubing. I’ve fixed this on the direct drive motor mount (mount_a_direct) for the Tatsu v2 drive gears and planetary geared nemas. All previous versions are outdated, and while I do see them being updated to match, I have no time frame to provide.

I will be transfering the changes over to the bowden drive mount later today and have those uploaded by tonight. A full BoM and instructions will soon follow, and eventually I will make an instructional video. May be a bit overboard, but could use the experience for my portfolio.

Also uploaded a converter for a 50mmx15mm blower fan. This is from this thing:


Adapter converts to 4x standard aquarium airline tubing, 2 per head. No tube guides for the moment, that’s final priority after fixing bowden drive mount. I will be using this instead of the 40mm fans to reduce bulk.

TLDR: All files for the tatsu and mk8 drives are functional except tatsu bowden drive mount. Update later tonight. Adapter for blower fan uploaded as well should you chose to go that route. Print away (except bowden drive mount)!


UPDATE_010315.7:05am: So my 2 Tatsu v2 drive gears arrived and have a slightly larger diameter at the center of the hobb, so I have to adjust the model to move the motor over 1-2mm or so. ***This only applies if you are using the Tatsu v2 drive gears. If you bore out MK8 gears, the “GEAREDSTEPPER_” files will work for you.***

These gears are beautiful. Shiny chrome finish, very sharp teeth and great overall design. Including a picture of the gears attached to the motor. Really looking forward to seeing these in action.

I’m uploading the current temporary rework I did. Going to print out one of these to check for placement and will then finalize the design.

Again, thank you to everyone downloading and testing though these iterations. Your support is much appreciated. Some good news is that this mount is fully compatible with e3d’s new Volcano, as long as you are using 2 of them. I look forward to testing these out sometime in the near future and will update.

And another idea for future update: I may have come up with a new design which will require fewer printed parts as well as better hotend height adjustment, and even an increase to maximum z height. I won’t be uploading any files for this until I have a working version, and it will probably be it’s own thing. Will update with those finalized motor mounts soon.


UPDATE_122914.12:47am: The 6mm bore drive gear Tatsu V2 is back in stock!!!


Spoke with the owner who has resupplied. This is the only drive gear that will work without further processing.


UPDATE_122814.6:58am: Redesigned mount_b_direct to include a support system for the geared stepper motor. A block is extruded between the blocks where the belt gets tied down and expanded into a platform, which then surrounds a portion of the motor and extends back along the side to the main part of the mount and rejoins there. There are 2 tabs compatible with these gpu heatsinks:

I haven’t added holes yet because a) I want to test fit the part to make sure everythings right, and b) I’m too lazy right now.

Sorry to any of you that may be printing out parts and needing to reprint them the next day. I’m trying to get this done ASAP, and rather than provide major iterations, I felt it better to provide the design files at each step of the process for any who wanted to contribute to the project. Though, since this has been up for a while now and has yet to receive a single comment, I suppose it doesn’t matter in that regard.

Enjoy the update!

Edit: Another possible update in the future may include interchangeable mounts so that this “thing” will be an all in one dual direct, dual bowden, dual direct/bowden hybrid extruder package.

I also had to recently replace the bluray drive in my ps3 slim and found a very small motor connected to a screw, much like how our z axis works. Once I get some more arduino and raspberry pi experience, I’d like to integrate this system with a couple of switches to allow for auto-leveling of the hotends. I have no idea if marlin supports this, but perhaps the with the new RPi B+ controlling a printer, I dont see why the capability isn’t there, it just needs to be coded. This would obviously involve recoding an entire firmware to run the machine and it would no longer really be a robo at that point, but you know, dreamers will dream.


UPDATE_122714.11:27am: Some new parts, all designed for the use of 5:1 Geared Stepper Motors (http://www.omc-stepperonline.com/gear-ratio-51-planetary-gearbox-with-nema-17-stepper-motor-17hs130404spg5-p-140.html).

This upgrade provides much more torque over the standard nema17 configuration, which is much preferable, almost a necessity for the bowden half and if you plan on using flexible filament.

The drawback is these motors have a 6mm shaft, which all of the MK8 drive gears on the market worth using have a 5mm bore (save for this guy: http://deezmaker.com/store/#!/~/product/category=0&id=24043350 . The issue here is they have been out of stock from the only vendor that sells them for a while, at least since I’ve discovered them) You will need either a lathe or drill press (I’m using a Dremel Station 220) and a 6mm borer (I’m using a Industrial Carbide Tipped 6mm Boring Bit with 10mm shank, M5 inner threading coupled with a M5 to 1/4″ coupler coupled to a 1/4″ to 1/8″ coupler attached to my dremel using a 1/8″ screw with the head cut off and some stabilizer pieces I designed, though have yet to print and test, to keep the thing in place). Keep in mind these MK8’s are stainless steel, so you have to cut very slow, and it will take a long time, and you are going to have to use lubricant such as White Lithium Grease to keep temps down.

I’ve also included a centering block that will allow you to more easily clamp in place with a vice your MK8. There isn’t a through hole, but I figure you’ll just tap it out on your first gear.

There are also a number of upgrades and modifications to both the direct and bowden extruder designs. These are only on the geared motor versions, and I am unsure at this time if I will be transferring the changes over to the standard versions.

Geared motor files are labeled GEAREDSTEPPER_ before the file name.

In regards to the fan ducts, I simply cannot get a print without holes, even though my software shows it as hole free. I will adjust these at some point, but as I’ve run into a gear issue with my current Wade’s, I am unable to print with consistent flow until I have a prototype version of the design in place. For the time being, I used a thicker ABS slurry (even though I printed with PLA) and coated over any areas of the print where there are holes. It’s not pretty, but a functional and efficient fix for now.

I’m getting close to a final version, so a full list of materials and links to sources (if I still have them) will be provided.

Current thoughts on future improvements:

– I like how I have the springs settled into the carriage, but I’ve found the tube-like posts meant to keep the mounting blocks in place are fragile and usually don’t fit quite right. I’m considering widening the holes in the mounting blocks so that the posts are only there for the springs, and putting 4 additional screw holes in each mounting block. These will be set as posts using a nut, and the screws going through the springs will be free fitting. I’ve found it can be difficult to get the nut tightened in some of the tighter spaces, and it would be much easier if my screw weren’t locked in place as a post like in the current design.

– I’m not convinced the interlocking mechanism I’m using for the mounts is necessary (between direct and bowden). I think I may remove entirely, and just allow for a screw to be placed the both sides in the center between blocks (lengthwise) with washers on the outside. Maybe be unnecessary all together, I don’t know. Will test soon.

– I also want to integrate some kind of support structure for the stepper motor, since that weight will be hanging kind of far out there by 4 screws on a printed part with a lot of lateral forces being thrown on it. Considering a clip design that will get screwed into the main mount somehow. Conceptual atm.

– I need to look into the physics at work here, but considering some sort of counter weight to balance out the carriage. Unsure if necessary since the bulk of the weight will be roughly centered over where the belt attaches to the carriage. Testing will be done.

Have fun with the new version!


Fan ducts still not working, busy for part of the day, will have available tonight sometime.

122014.1:11: Realized the nozzle fan ducts aren’t printing right. I have to try to fix the model. If that doesn’t work, remodeling from scratch. Hope to have it updated in a few hours, by morning at the latest.

UPDATE: Updated all part files to latest versions. Few fitting modifications made, some resizing. Increase in durability for some pieces.

UPDATE: Added nozzle fan ducts.

This version should work completely as is, but things don’t seem to quite fit right and I recognize there can be improvements made on pretty much every piece. I needed to finish this quickly as I needed it for a job with a deadline. Once this job is over, I’ll be working on improving this further and making sure the fit is correct and tight all around. Feel free to test this version out and make any suggestions. Any and all would be well appreciated.

UPDATE: Added heatsink fan bracket and updated direct drive mounts.

UPDATE: Working Version!!!

I’ve fixed a all parts. Springs fit better into slots for mount_a_direct, which also fits better onto the x-carriage. The springs I’m using put far more pressure than needed on the parts, so I think I have to cut them down. Once I can find the specs, and figure out where to cut, I’ll update. Still working on a parts list. mounting plates have been modified to lock together a bit better and allow for easier adjustment. It’s a little bit more limiting than before, but there should be more than enough wiggle room to get the hotends leveled. I haven’t added it yet, but I’m going to drill in a 3mmx6mm screw hole at the two corners of the longer thin arms. Will add those to the model next update.

I’ve included .obj files for each object should you wish to modify yourself.

Original Post:

This is my design for a dual extruder carriage that supports 2 e3d v6 hotends, one bowden driven, one direct driven. Files uploaded are complete and functional, but the entire assembly is still missing heatsink fan brackets and hotend fan ducts. I hope to get these completed in the next few days. The main files are here if anyone would like to test. I’ve found that mount_b_direct and mount_b_bowden has trouble slicing in Cura, but I’ve had success slicing with CraftWare. Please experiment and post in comments if you may know what’s going on.

Extruder is same from here:


Assembly instructions and list of required parts will be supplied once designing is complete.

Printing Instructions
No printing instructions provided by creator
Printing Stats
5mm_bearing_lever.stl Time: 1h 1m 39s Filament used: 0.779186m
5mm_bearing_lever_pivot.stl Time: 0h 10m 47s Filament used: 0.08162m
5mm_bearing_locking_pin.stl Time: 0h 7m 50s Filament used: 0.0669727m
nozzle_fan_duct_02.stl Time: 2h 36m 10s Filament used: 1.64938m
heatsink_fan_holder.stl Time: 2h 49m 47s Filament used: 1.99975m
mount_b_direct.stl Time: 0h 56m 4s Filament used: 0.67406m
optional_radialFan_mounting_block.stl Time: 0h 23m 36s Filament used: 0.374396m
mount_b_bowden.stl Time: 0h 49m 50s Filament used: 0.593496m
nozzle_fan_duct_01.stl Time: 2h 35m 43s Filament used: 1.65236m
mount_a_bowden.stl Time: 1h 4m 51s Filament used: 0.840951m
x_carriage.stl Time: 5h 40m 46s Filament used: 4.04561m
mount_a_direct.stl Time: 3h 3m 44s Filament used: 2.28226m
GEAREDSTEPPER_bowden_extruder_mount_a.STL Time: 3h 55m 12s Filament used: 3.23938m
GEAREDSTEPPER_mount_a_direct.stl Time: 3h 3m 44s Filament used: 2.28226m
GEAREDSTEPPER_bowden_extruder_mount_a.STL Time: null 1h 6m Filament used: null
GEAREDSTEPPER_mount_a_bowden.stl Time: 11s 7h 8m Filament used: 0.854897m
GEAREDSTEPPER_mk8_drilling_block.STL Time: 45s 0h 44m Filament used: 7.32068m
bowden_extruder_locking_plate.stl Time: 39s 3h 54m Filament used: 0.558034m
TATSUv2_GEAREDSTEPPER_mount_a_bowden.STL Time: 55s 3h 53m Filament used: 3.24063m
TATSUv2_GEAREDSTEPPER_motorSupport.stl Time: 27s 1h 47m Filament used: 3.38031m
TATSUv2_GEAREDSTEPPER_mount_b_direct_with_motorSupport.STL Time: 50s 3h 2m Filament used: 1.35758m
TATSUv2_GEAREDSTEPPER_mount_a_direct.stl Time: 1s 0h 41m Filament used: 2.28753m
blower_fan_adapter.STL Time: 12s 2h 22m Filament used: 0.370893m
V2_x-carriage.stl Time: 59s 3h 55m Filament used: 1.82417m
V2_bowden_extruder.STL Time: 51s 3h 44m Filament used: 3.23873m
DUAL_BOWDEN_mounting_plates.STL Time: 56s Filament used: 2.74348m
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