QU-BD Extruder Replacement Part: Five by Benifir

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This is a part to replace the stock MDF extruder with a more durable and longer lasting 3D printed version.

See the assembly instructions on where this piece goes.

This is part five (5) of five (5), however as it is stock you do not need to print the other four parts. This is the central extruder piece. It is designed as a solid object rather than in parts to greatly increase its strength. Note, the right shelf has been extended by 3.5mm for part four (4) to better rest.


Created using the original piece and digital calipers. Some cutting or sanding may be necessary to get a perfect fit.

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Printing Stats
CustomReplacementExtruderP5.stl Time: 1h 34m 2s Filament used: 1.33621m
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