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J – Head extruder mount for a Da Vinci 1.0 printer. e3d v5 – v6. m3 30mm screws will be needed. To get a more secure fit with the E3d-v6 I put 1 layer of electrical tape around the end put in the mount. The Extruder motor will come into contact with the Y-axis rod if you go further than 180mm on your Y-Axis.

This is an aesthicly unpleasing modification and meant to be a temporary fix for some of us unlucky enough to brick our printers. Because it’s meant to be a temporary fix I’m not bothering the modify the file any further than it is.

I modified a J-Head mount to work for the davinci with minimalist parts. My reasoning behind it was because I had to pay per print from 3dhubs.

I’m printing replacement parts now for other parts of the printer with this J-Head mount and when i’m comfortable I will be printing and installing http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:594392 I will be.

Printing Instructions
You will need m3 30mm screws for this.
Printing Stats
Sam_extruder_modified_-_Untitled-54473c05_fixed.stl Time: 1h 47m 28s Filament used: 1.38695m
Sam_extruder_2_modified.stl Time: 0h 26m 2s Filament used: 0.336859m
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