Vibration Damper v3 by lazzymonk

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The 3rd version of my vibration damper. It is much easier to assemble than v2. It is as strong, as effective and 2 parts instead of 5.

I have now added a jumbo version (idea of cain666). The springs are twice as wide so should be able to support twice as much weight. The top is now above the springs too. This makes it easier to use these with different machines. I have also added a version of each with a 3mm hole for mounting (idea of SkiFF). I have not printed these yet but they should be fine.

Enjoy and please comment.

Printing Instructions
Print, slip one part inside the other (as in the picture) and twist.
Printing Stats
damper_v3.stl Time: 1h 31m 26s Filament used: 1.10871m
damper_v3_Jumbo.stl Time: 2h 52m 55s Filament used: 2.10624m
damper_v3_Jumbo_with_holes.stl Time: 2h 51m 59s Filament used: 2.09796m
damper_v3_with_holes.stl Time: 1h 28m 14s Filament used: 1.10168m
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