1kg Filament Stand by Jolly_Oli

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Vertical standing filament stand for those big 1kg spools of filament.

– Outer diameter of cylindrical holder: 52mm
– Uses 2 – 4 M3 12mm screws and nuts
– You can put sticky back rubber pads on the feet to prevent sliding

Version 1

– Deleted.

Version 2

– Freed up the screw holes in the FSHolder part, enabling easier construction.
– Removed manifold errors.

Please feel free to edit my design! It’s always interesting to see how people can develop others work!

Note: The photographs are of my first model of version 1. It works but the current version is best.

Printing Instructions
I printed mine using a RepRapPro Ormerod.

– You will need to either glue the two parts together or use a minimum of 2 (maximum 4) M3 12mm Screws and nuts.
– I’ve used 5 sticky back rubber feet to prevent the base part sliding around.

Printing Stats
FSBase.STL Time: 3h 17m 36s Filament used: 2.75963m
FSHolder.STL Time: 7h 0m 40s Filament used: 5.83167m
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