Sanguinololu case with 80mm fan by 3Dsoliton

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Case for Sanguinololu board to fit a 80mm fan. The case has thin walls and bottom (1.5mm). Top is 2mm thick. It has windows for the power cables, the bed and extruder resistors, and the usb cable. All other cables (motors, thermistors, endstops) exit from a single opening on the right side, so this case is for Sanguinololus that have their molex connectors aligned vertically (see photos).
There might be another version with windows for all connections to fit those Sanguinololus that have molex connectors oriented horizontally.
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SanguinololuCase_main.stl Time: 6h 26m 21s Filament used: 5.16844m
SanguinololuCase_top.stl Time: 1h 2m 59s Filament used: 0.879877m
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