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Since some Spools I ordered didn’t fit on the Stock holder of my UM2 I made this. You schould pick up a 15mm Tube of some sort. I used a 15mm aluminium tube that I picked up at a local hardware store.
Printing Instructions
Basically print 2 of every included file.

Put everyhing together like in the images above.

The design schould allow for the aluminium rods to be of a custom length (Within the constraints of a right-angled triangle of course).

If You have Questions let me know!

Printing Stats
crossbraceendpiece.stl Time: 0h 34m 0s Filament used: 0.444372m
toppart.stl Time: 2h 5m 54s Filament used: 1.87658m
bottompart2.stl Time: 3h 13m 29s Filament used: 3.01191m
bottompart1.stl Time: 3h 13m 39s Filament used: 3.01158m
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