190mm Spool Holder by StevenQ-NE-UK

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This is my take on the well known spool holder.
I saw many designs and modified this
to fit my 1kg 190mm Dia 89mm wide spools

I used “D” shaped spacers and spool rod so it would print easier.
All parts are push fit but I would recommend a drop of super glue between the spacers and the legs

Printing Instructions
No printing instructions provided by creator
Printing Stats
Leg.STL Time: 5h 44m 57s Filament used: 4.36013m
Spacer.STL Time: 2h 8m 7s Filament used: 2.10351m
Rod.STL Time: 6h 51m 57s Filament used: 7.17685m
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