Flashforge Creator X/Pro extruder filament tube bracket by RichWebb

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Yet another press-to-connect (PTC) adapter for the filament guide tubes. Works with commonly available 6mm “Macroline” fittings.

Fits the Flashforge Creator X and Pro printers (and possibly others that have 34mm nozzle spacing) with the stock 6mm PTFE guide tubes.

Version 2 adds a support structure for the cable bundle with provisions to install one or two cable ties. The larger cutouts are handy to feed through accessory connectors, as for a filament fan duct.

Printing Instructions
The holes are tapered to take the 1/8 NPT Macroline thread. Ought to screw right down, with a bit of help from a wrench for the last turn or two.

The fittings should stay secure even if the last couple of threads are exposed. If you have access one, a quick pass with a 1/8 NPT tap helps to seat the last bit into the tapered hole.

Printing Stats
FFCX_bracket.stl Time: 1h 52m 46s Filament used: 1.76047m
FFCX-bracket-2.stl Time: 2h 15m 11s Filament used: 1.92861m
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